Opal Jewellery Care

Handmade Opal Pendant

Opals are soft gemstone, extra care should be taken when wearing, cleaning and storing opal jewellery.

  • Do not expose your opal jewellery to extreme temperature such as leaving your opal jewellery in the glove box of your car on summer days, the opal is likely to crack (or craze).
  • Natural opals are made of water so it is fine to shower or swim with a Solid Opal. On the other hand Opal Doublets and Triplets are fabricated with layers of glue and should
    not be kept wet for extended amount of time as the layers could separate.
  • Use a professional jeweler’s cloth to clean and polish your opal and setting from time to time (Available in our store).
  • It is fine to clean your Solid opal jewellery in ultrasonic cleaners but Boulder Opal, doublets, and triplets can be damaged with ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Store your opal jewellery separately from other jewellery as this will minimise the chance of accidental scratches.
  • If you plan to not wear your Solid Opal including Boulder opal for an extended amount of time (many months) wrap it in a soft moist cloth. This does not apply to Doublets and Triplets as humidity can damage them.
  • Opals should be kept away from perfumes and hairsprays as over time these chemicals will deteriorate the brightness of the opal gemstones.